My research is currently mainly focussed on computational modelling and simulation of complex systems.
More specifically, I'm interested in:

  • stochastic and hybrid modelling languages;
  • techniques to approximate stochastic executions based on mean field or hybrid approaches;
  • formal verification techniques for stochastic models, also using mean field or hybrid approaches;
  • applications to computational Systems Biology, performance evaluation, and socio-technical systems;
  • foundational approaches to behavioural distances, logic, and learning.

Other research interests include:

  • computational linguistics (evolution and phylogeny of natural languages);
  • uncertainty management (fuzzy set theory, possibility theory, interval probabilities), with applications also in coding theoretical problems (DNA word design);
  • approximate algorithms for strings, with application in bioinformatics;
  • optimization algorithm, based on a multi-agent paradigm, with application in bioinformatics;
  • machine learning, with applications in marketing, health informatics, complex systems modelling.

Here you can find more information on some (current and past) research directions: